Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Plans for UNANIMA

Today our team met with Jessica Chen, who oversees UNANIMA's website. It was great to put a face to the organization and very helpful to hear her perspective on UNANIMA and her vision for the site. UNANIMA seems to serve several different communities and has many aspects to its organizational mission. Hopefully we'll be able to help them streamline a bit. We'll be presenting our initial thoughts on Thursday, so more details to come.


  1. So, what exactly does the mysterious acronym stand for??

    That's nice you got to meet the person though...although, with our project, it might be better if we keep it impersonal. I certainly don't want to make friends and then crush them with our radical recommendations.


    Toodles, J-Hova

  2. Point taken, Jonathan, about the mysterious acronym. What does UNANIMA stand for, did you ask them, Emily?

    Maybe, like HSBC, they use the acronym as their name? But then what did it stand for originally (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Association)?

    Or maybe it's similar to one of those compound words found in Japanese, eg, "famcom" (family computer) or "aircon" (air conditioning). Animating the UN to do greater good, or some such (okay, I'm casting about wildly here!).

    Assuming they can't change the name (a pretty fair assumption), then one work-around might be to suggest a tagline.

    Another observation: I really think they need to make it clear, toward the top of the page, that they are currently focusing their campaign on stopping the demand against trafficking in women and children. Otherwise, their mission looks like it's all over the place.

    Finally, I wonder how important it is to their identity the fact that they are a consortium of Roman Catholic nuns? If important, that should be brought out more on the Home Page, too.

  3. I noticed that one of UNANIMA's current programs focuses on water. I know of a documentary on water that likely looks into similar water issues. Check out the website for Water the movie and take a look at the trailer:


  4. This sounds great! I had heard from Catherine Ferguson that she had a new assistant, and it appears that it's working out well. I will also send your team the links to the experimental blogs/wikis I had made for Catherine. I'll mention this in class later!